Post Homecoming 2022

Due to minimum COVID-19 cases, this year’s homecoming was a success.


Jenna Singleton

This year’s homecoming game had a full crowd in the student section.

Jenna Singleton, Reporter

  After six weeks of anticipative waiting, homecoming took place on Saturday, Oct 1, 2022, at the Edgewood High School gymnasium from 8-11 pm.  Two freshmen students both have different perspectives about their first dance. For example, Amos Phillips says” Homecoming was an amazing event to get people together and enjoy the night”. He also said, “ It really brought out the joy in people and the flowing life within themselves”. But, from another student’s perspective, Lexi Miller stated, “ People did take advantage of Homecoming and took the chance to start stuff”. 

The night before the dance, it’s tradition for Edgewood to have a Homecoming game every year with a huge crowd and a celebration. The crowd was bigger and more spirited than ever. Edgewood won the Homecoming game. The final score was 48-12. Following the game, there were fireworks that made the victory against Northwest even more thrilling.  

Homecoming royalty consists of a homecoming king and queen along with a homecoming court. Each grade level has one prince and princess, the biggest competition is the senior Homecoming court. Usually, for the senior Homecoming court, there are eight girls and eight boys in the final round. However, at the crowning at the Homecoming game, there can only be one senior king and queen.

This year’s Homecoming King and Queen for Butler tech were Seth Lee and Shyanne Ray. 

The Homecoming King and Queen for seniors were Cassidy Claxon and Jake Valerio. 

Junior Homecoming court: Samuel Banks and Arieal Allen

Sophomore Homecoming court: Caden Sparks and Kenzie Allen  

Freshman Homecoming court: Brooklyn Gibson and Tajee Harding