Working for Cougar Prints


Megan Brown

The Cougar Prints staff at work.

Megan Brown, Reporter

Edgewood High School offers a journalism program that is taught by Mr. Heflin and counts as an English elective credit. According to Google, journalism is the production and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, and ideas. Journalism teaches students how to share stories of Edgewood through the school newspaper, Cougar Prints (


 Journalism allows students to meet new people from gathering news across the school.  By taking this class, students get the opportunity to sit down and interview their peers about news around the school and write articles that are published for the public to read.  


Jourlimsm also runs like a true business. Cougar Prints has an editor for each subject and reporters who follow the guidelines and due dates that are given by that student editor. Hunter Allen, a junior and an editor with Cougar Prints said, “It runs smoothly. My reporters communicate with me and we work together to make the best possible article.” Hunter is currently in his second year of Journalism and his first year as an editor.  He first started as a sports reporter, and was promoted to sports editor. “It’s a cool experience to become a leader of something so significant. And already being a sports reporter, I can relate to my peers at a different level.” 


Jaylee Neff is an editor as well. Jaylee has been apart of Journalism for two years and has also worked herself up to become an editor after starting as a reporter. Jaylee’s favorite part of being in Journalism is when the class comes together to brainstorm ideas on what to write about. “I learn so many new things on what is going around me than I would if I wasn’t in this class. I encourage everyone to become apart of Cougar Prints for the experience.” Jaylee also thinks the class has helped her become more confident in her writing. “ Writing articles my freshman year and now being an editor has helped me grow as a writer and gain confidence” she said.