Cougar Champions!


Alexander Began

A student lifting another student in the air

Alexander Began, Reporter

All Champions Day is a day where DECA members and students with disabilities team up to participate in a number of fun activities. Over a hundred DECA members were paired with students from multiple schools in the district, such as Edgewood High School, Edgewood Middle School, and more!

Lots of different activities took place, such as face painting, Wiffle Ball, sponge racing, and a variety of different carnival games. There was also a parade that students could walk in. Chick-fil-A was provided for lunch. Some students wanted to participate in the games that were set up, and some only wanted to run around and have fun. Some people, like Kaden Davidson, got the opportunity to dump buckets of water on people. “We got Chasteen,” said Kaden, referring to DECA advisor Mr. Chasteen. Multiple students stated that their favorite part of the day was the water fight at the end of the day because it allowed students to cool down and play with each other. Students also enjoyed the parade because the bleachers full of people cheering them on made everyone feel important and special.

A student dumping a bucket of water on DECA advisor Mr. Chasteen (Alexander Began)