Shrek Succeeds and Donkey Doesn’t Disappoint

Nora Current playing the role of Donkey

Olivia Saylor

Nora Current playing the role of Donkey

Olivia Saylor, Reporter

Principal Doug Geygan playing The Big Bad Wolf (Olivia Saylor)

Shrek The Musical was the most recent musical put on by Edgewood students. English teacher, Mrs. McClelland, was in charge of the musical and will also be teaching the drama class next year. On May 7th and 8th, the students performed the play in the middle school auditorium. On opening night alone there was roughly 300 people who bought tickets online.


This year the musical involved our very own principal, Mr. Geygan, as the big bad wolf. A few days after the musical had been planned and the characters had been chosen, the Big Bad Wolf role was left unfilled. “A few of us thought Mr. Geygan could play the wolf because he had said he would do anything to help the musical” states Skylar Gross, who played one of the three blind mice and one of the three little pigs. Ms. McClelland agreed having Mr. Geygan participate would be a good idea and the idea was proposed to Mr. Geygan. Mr. Geygan graciously agreed to be a part of the musical in the role of the Big Bad Wolf. After the students found out that Mr. Geygan would be in a dress, some people’s interest in going to the musical increased. Another person who stepped up to aid in the success of the musical was Gabe Current. Roughly two months before the musical, Gabe volunteered to play the role of Shrek after the original Shrek could not perform.


Sophomore Nora Current played the role of Donkey and provided numerous moments of comedic relief. For instance, Donkey is describing how much he and Shrek get along, by saying “we’re like two peas in a pod”. During this he sneaks in a line about how he and Shrek go hand in hand like how “donuts and diabetes” do, causing the crowd to burst into laughter.