Rock On, Jon!


Photo provided by Mrs. Joseph

EHS staff show their support by posing a picture that was sent to Mr. Arnold

Peyton Steiniger, Reporter

EHS staff have been wearing “Rock on Jon” t-shirts to show love and support for band teacher Mr. Arnold, who has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. The shirts, which display an orange “rock on” hand symbol with lightning bolts and the cancer symbol surrounding it, were created at the end of April. 

The “Rock on Jon” template created by Mrs. Joseph. (Photo provided by Mrs. Joseph)

Staff members purchased the shirts and wore them on May 2nd. Mr. Arnold also received one of these shirts from a staff member. Art teacher Mrs. Joseph, created the design and proposed the idea of showing support to Mr. Arnold. “I just tried to make the design music-related, due to him being the music teacher,” she said. This uplifting act was also a type of fundraiser set up by the staff, and the profits received from the shirts were used for food and other essentials for Mr. Arnold. “We are trying to support him by saying to keep going,” says Mrs. Joseph. Mr. Arnold is currently not teaching due to his recent leukemia diagnosis and is incredibly missed by staff and students.

He would help anyone out. He is all-around one of the best friends anyone could have.

— Mrs. Gilbert.

Mr. Arnold has been the Director of Bands and a teacher at the school for five years. Secretary Mrs. Gilbert, who was also a part of the fundraiser, states that Mr. Arnold is a huge music lover. “He loves music from jazz to 80s “big hair” bands,” Mrs. Gilbert states. Mrs. Gilbert also mentions, “He loves his students, and is incredibly passionate about his job.” Mrs. Gilbert reflects on the person that Mr. Arnold is. “He would help anyone out. He is all-around one of the best friends anyone could have,” says Mrs. Gilbert. The “Rock On Jon” shirts are currently not being sold anymore, but the supportive message behind the fundraiser will continue on for Mr. Arnold. This incredible act of kindness and support by the staff will always be remembered, especially by Mr. Arnold. Rock on, Jon!