Serving Up Men’s Volleyball


Picture by Ryan Wirtley of Luke Smith playing volleyball

Ryan Wirtley, Reporter

Serves up, the Edgewood Men’s Volleyball team is at the halfway point of their season. The volleyball team currently has a record of 2-7. This will be the last season that the Volleyball team will be considered a club sport. 

Head coach, Mr.Blair, has enjoyed the season and how the team has competed. ”We have been competitive and have shown improvement from the beginning of the year,” said Mr.Blair. The volleyball team is a young team filled with mostly freshman and sophomores. “We only have one senior and two juniors and the rest are freshman and sophmores, so over time we will get better,” said Mr.Blair. With having a young team there have been some ups and downs throughout the season. “One of the biggest things that we still have to learn to do is to play as a team and once we do that we will be in good shape,” said Mr.Blair. As the end of the season is in the near future the volleyball team will shift their focus towards the OHSAA volleyball tournament. “We are still considered a club and not technically a school sport so we have to pay to get in the tournament this season but next season we won’t have too,” said Mr.Blair. The men’s volleyball team has a schedule full of schools that are bigger than Edgewood. “By playing the bigger schools we play better competition which makes us better but I would like to see schools around us like Madison and Monroe have a team so we can be competitive with them,” said Mr.Blair. 

Men’s Volleyball player, Luke Smith, is the only senior on the team this season. “By being the only senior on the team I have to lead by example and show the younger players what the expectations are for the program,” said Luke. Luke has played volleyball for five years and will continue his volleyball career in college. “It was always a dream of mine to play volleyball in college and now that I get to do that I think it’s really cool,” said Luke. He will be attending the University of Rio Grande located in Rio Grande, Ohio. With this being Luke’s last volleyball season he wants to go out on a positive note,”I just want to leave the program in a good spot and be an example for younger players who are not that experienced and end the season on a good note by winning a few tournament games,” said Luke. The men’s volleyball team has four more home games left in the season and would enjoy some support.

Picture by Ryan Wirtley of the volleyball team mid-game