Crafty Crochets!


Provided by Jenna Marotti

Jenna’s products being shown at a craft show

Renne Harrell, Reporter

Junior Jenna Marotti runs an Instagram account (@jennaattemptscrochet) dedicated to promoting her crochet business. She also advertises her products at local craft shows.

Products that Jenna has made (Provided by Jenna Marotti)

Jenna has lots of responsibilities when it comes to running her business. “I buy the materials, make the product, and take the price of the materials, time it took to make the product, and how much people are willing to pay for it into account when making the price,” Jenna says. Her experience with running a business hasn’t been easy or difficult. “My business is just one side of my hobby, so it isn’t super serious,” she says. Being a business owner requires good time management skills and knowing what to prioritize. “School comes first, then my other job, and when I have free time, I crochet,” Jenna says. What Jenna enjoys most about her business is that it allows her to sustain her hobby. “Yarn isn’t cheap, and having the yarn pay for itself encourages me to keep honing my craft,” she says.

Ashlyn Hill, a junior, has bought from Jenna’s business twice and has loved both purchases. “She always has fun things for sale,” says Ashlyn. She enjoys seeing the cool products that Jenna is able to create. “My favorites are the little whales that fit into the palm of your hand, and the larger-scale things like purses and hats are fascinating,” she says. Ashlyn has enjoyed watching Jenna’s business grow. “Seeing her start selling on Etsy and to people at school was really great to see and I’m glad it makes her happy,” she says. Jenna’s goal with her business is to gain enough buyers to guarantee that whatever she makes is wanted and bought. “I can make what I want once or twice, instead of dozens of the same product that is tedious to make,” says Jenna. For students who are thinking about starting a business, Jenna offers some words of advice. “Do your research and talk to experts, that’s where I get most of my information on running my business,” she says. Jenna also recommends making cards.

Products that Jenna has made (Provided by Jenna Marotti)