The Great Debate: Should Sophomores Go to Prom?

Keely Dinn, Reporter

As prom approaches a big question from students is:   should sophomores be allowed to go to prom? The students have a different opinion when it comes to sophomores going to prom. 

When some people think of homecoming they think about all four grades, but when some people think about prom they think of seniors having their last dance. Senior, Shelby Pitcher, feels that no underclassman should be allowed to attend prom, “It should only be seniors and juniors and they should only go if they were invited by any upperclassmen.” Shelby did attend prom last year and she did see quite a few sophomores and a few freshmen. As that night was her first time going to prom, she stated that she felt like she was “babysitting since they were only 14”. She added, “What the heck, they are too young to experience the big night”. 

Since prom was so last minute last year more and more people will attend this year. Shelby said, “that it will be crowded since there are students that are dating younger”. She said that, “ Homecoming is for everyone but the underclassman gets to have that night. So they can wait their turn to have prom. 

             Junior Emma Wilson, is in between the idea of sophomores going to prom but it doesn’t really bother her. The only people that she doesn’t want to see is the freshman. She says that , “they shouldn’t be able to go because it’s so unfair for the upperclassmen ”. Wilson stated that she feels that the sophomores should be able to enjoy the night. “They can go but only go if their boyfriend or girlfriend is a grade above them to make it fair for the seniors to enjoy their last night”, Emma said. With it being her first prom she wants to have a great time and wants to have an amazing night but not have underclassman mess it up. “If I was in student council I would only make it to juniors and seniors because no one wants to babysit!” , she said. Emma is not against the idea , she just wants to have a good time and if a sophomore goes she states “mind your business and let the upperclassmen enjoy their night”. 

Sophomore Brynn Barker, is all for the idea that her class should go to prom. She will be attending prom but only because she got invited by a junior and her ticket was bought for her.  Barker stated that, “the sophomores should go so they can get that experience so they know what to look forward to in the coming years”. Either way the debate will continue but prom is a night to make memories.