Blasters and Buddies


Grace VandeRyt

Nerf blasters being used in the Nerf War!

Jillian Johnson, Reporter

With flowers budding and temperatures rising, Edgewood students are preparing for their annual rite of spring, the Nerf Wars! Teams of students will dodge foam darts and chase each other for a chance to win the title, “Edgewood Nerf War Champion.”


The Nerf War begins on April 23rd, according to a Twitter post from the Nerf War updates account, @war2019e. Teams can still enter as the entry money is due April 20th. Heidi West, a junior who is participating this year, is looking forward to the Nerf War. She says, “I’m excited to see who sets people up and who gets the most people out.” Heidi also participated in the Nerf war last year, “I played last year, but got set up by Libby and got out early.” Players who are eliminated early can buy back into the game, Heidi chose not to do this. Another junior, Rylan Brown, is excited about playing in the Nerf War this year. “It makes my life more exciting, always having to be aware of my surroundings,” he said. Rylan already has his team together and is looking forward to beginning the game.  “The thing I’m looking forward to most is driving around with my friends, it is something fun to do with them,” he said.  Some people are very competitive about the Nerf War, Heidi is preparing in advance by purchasing a new Nerf Blaster and an abundance of darts. On the Target website the Blasters can range from $4.49 to $52.99. Rylan luckily already owns Nerf Blasters but he is looking into purchasing more darts. The Nerf War has a lot of hype surrounding its name. “It’s only worth the hype if you want it to be, you can make it as fun or as boring as you want it to be” Rylan says.