Students “Hear a Who”


Provided by Corrina Centers

Students visit EECC to read Dr. Seuss books to kids

Jayci Geisler, Reporter

On March 2nd, Edgewood High School NHS members visited EECC for Dr. Seuss Right to Read Week. 


Due to Covid, there haven’t been many fun activities for Edgewood High School students in the past two years. Recently, an opportunity arose for NHS members to visit EECC and dress up as Dr. Seuss’s characters. Although some of the NHS members didn’t have the chance to experience Dr. Seuss Week when they were younger, they did have this opportunity to make up for their lost experience.


Dr. Seuss Week is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually. Many schools, libraries, and community centers participate by devoting a day to endorse the importance of reading. Although these places only have one day of reading, many schools devote a whole week to learn about Dr. Seuss Week. Theodor Seuss Geisel was born on March 2nd, which is why the high school students visited EECC on March 2nd. This day is not only a day to promote reading, but also a day to celebrate the amazing Dr. Seuss. When March 2nd, happens to fall on a weekend, the day observed is the next closest school day.


While at EECC, Madison Dirksen, a senior NHS member, said that the high schools students “dressed up as Dr. Seuss’s characters and carried the books that went with their character around from class to class visiting kids”. The EECC students had already read the Dr. Seuss books, allowing them to recognize the characters that the NHS members dressed up as. Madison Dirksen also said Dr. Seuss Week was fun because she got to “see the excitement on the kids faces when [they] walked in”. The kids loved having the high schoolers there so much that Madison said, “Some even came up and hugged us.” Cassie Claxton, a junior NHS member, also agreed that dressing up for Dr. Seuss Week was fun and she “loved how excited the children got”. It seems that the high schoolers had just as much fun as the EECC students. 


Cassie’s experience was a little different as she also got to see her cousin while at EECC. This experience made it “such a memorable experience” for the both of them. 


Madison Dirksen said that she didn’t have Dr. Seuss Week when she was in elementary school, but wishes she did because, “I remember my teachers dressing up for the Polar Express and think it would have been really cool”. Cassie said that she did have Dr. Seuss Week when she was younger, but it’s different now because “the little kids don’t dress up anymore, which stinks because that was my favorite part”. Either way, it seems like this year’s Dr. Seuss Week was a great experience for all involved.