Round And Around We Go!

Rylee Rosenfelder, Reporter

After months of construction, the new roundabout at the intersection of Hamilton Trenton Road and Wayne Madison is now completed. But residents of Trenton seem to have differing opinions on the roundabout.

View of the roundabout from the Casey’s parking lot (Photo taken by Rylee Rosenfelder )

Trenton police officer Lieutenant Chief Rosenfelder explains that the roundabout is making the roads safer for drivers.  “A simple street designed to promote a continuous flow of traffic, enhancing safety to the motoring public,” he says. Senior Kadence Kimberlin states that she is anti-roundabout. “The roundabout is inconvenient and not useful,” she says. The train was a big concern to others when it came to the roundabout.  Lieutenant Chief Rosenfelder says, “The roundabout still allows for continuous flow of traffic and it is beneficial for time.” Kadence also agrees. “It’s a better flow of traffic even with a train. Still allows traffic to not get too backed up,” she says. Some residents worry that the roundabout will cause road rage, but Lieutenant Chief Rosenfelder thinks differently.“Road rage at the roundabout is caused by driver error as it relates to the lane usage and paying attention to the traffic control signs,” he states. Kadence agrees with this. “Road rage could be caused by the roundabout, but it’s better than sitting at a light for 12 minutes,” she says. Kadence has noticed a change in the traffic since the addition of the roundabout.“The traffic has lightened up since they opened the roundabout,” she says. On the other hand, Lieutenant Chief Rosenfelder has a different opinion, “It does not prevent traffic flow, but statistically shown, roundabouts decrease the number of traffic crashes that can result in injuries,” he says. “I have only responded to one accident at the new roundabout and it is the only one I’ve known about.” Overall, the roundabout can have negative and positive effects. Lieutenant Chief Rosenfelder believes that the roundabout is beneficial for the community. “It’s a change and that’s what people don’t like about it,” he says. “It gives the ability to shave off some time off of their commutes and get to their destinations a little quicker without jeopardizing others’ safety.”