Snoozing in School


Bri Spradling

Photo of SHelby McGee and Taylor Chow looking at the Edgewood sleep page

Bri Spradling, Reporter

Students at EHS are finding new ways to make school interesting. One student decided to anonymously create an instagram account named ‘Edgewood Sleep Page’.  The Edgewood sleep page is a page where if someone is caught sleeping during school people take photos of them and DM the photos to the Sleep account. Freshman, Shelby McGee, says she has looked at the sleep page before. “I find it amusing

It’s interesting and funny to see all the people that sleep at school along with people getting pictures of them and sending them in to get posted.”

The edgewood sleep page has a lot of different pictures of students sleeping. Shelby says “Some of the pictures seem to be fake considering I don’t think some of the students sleep in random places in the school like in the photos.  Most of the photos seem to be real though.”  Nobody really knows who the creator of the ‘Edgewood Sleep Page’ is but not knowing who runs it is part of the fun.“The point is to be funny and for people not to sleep as much, it’s also cool that the creator of the sleep page is anonymous”  Shelby says.

Considering the sleep page is showing how much students actually sleep in school, it’s also giving students the idea to fake sleep and have their friends take photos of them so they can be posted on the sleep page. “People seem to be making it more entertaining during their free time because some of these people who are fake sleeping are doing it in the most odd places and positions.”  Said Shelby.