Premature Prom


Courtesy of Kristy Clemmons

This years prom save the date.

Jillian Johnson, Reporter

This year’s prom will take place on April 9th at Lake Lindsay, which is a lot earlier than it has been in previous years.


Although prom is an event that most students look forward to, prom being earlier can make it even more difficult for some students to make prom plans. Macy Wilson says, “Prom being earlier makes it a little difficult for me because I play club volleyball and having tournaments on the day of prom would not be good because I would miss my tournament to be able to go to prom.” Prom usually takes place around the beginning of May, however, this year’s prom is about a month earlier than last year’s prom. “I don’t like the idea of prom being so early because there’s a ton of time from prom until the end of the school year” Macy says. On the other hand, Mary Liming is glad that prom is earlier, she says, “I’m honestly excited so it’s not as stressful preparing for graduation and getting ready for college.” Mary thinks her senior prom will be easy to plan because she has put a lot of thought into it. “I’m very excited, my friends and I have been talking about our plans since we got into school” she says. Maddie Fussnecker is also excited that prom will take place earlier this year, “I like prom being early so I don’t have to wait as long,” she says. Maddie also thinks planning for prom will be easier because it is earlier, “I think it will be easier to make reservations for dinner because not many schools are having prom so early.” Another big part of prom for girls is buying a dress, Maddie and Mary already have their dresses. “I went dress shopping in late January, for me it wasn’t hard for me to find one since I went shopping pretty early, I had lots of options” Maddie says. Macy, however, has not gotten her dress yet, “I haven’t gotten my dress yet because I haven’t had time yet, I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress I am only wearing one time” Macy says.