Life Changing Opportunity


Courtesy of Victoria Bennet

Before getting your temps you have to make a decision about being an organ donor.

Victoria Bennett, Reporter

Students that are becoming new drivers have to make the decision of being an organ donor. 

Something that doctors in some states might be requiring is for new drivers to be vaccinated in order to be an organ donor, However, Some doctors have refused to use organs from vaccinated people because not much has been shown on how effective it really is later on in life. Research has also shown that some doctors have refused to use certain organs from people who are vaccinated. says, “hospital’s require that organ recipients be vaccinated against the virus”. 

It’s a choice to be an organ donor but some people think it should be an automatic procedure after death. Maxx Johnson is a sophomore at Lakota West High school who thinks people should become organ donors. “I think that they’re pretty selfish but if someone doesn’t want to be one then they don’t have to, I don’t have respect but it’s their decision though” said Maxx. He believes that people would be wasting good organs when it could be going to save a few lives. He believes that people who don’t have their driver’s license should be allowed to donate their organs. 

Another perspective is from Taylor Caudill, a former Edgewood student who is not an organ donor. Taylor doesn’t have much of an opinion but she did say “Your organs have a higher chance of going to a bad person than a good one, because of the world we live in today”. 

Liam Earnshaw is a student at Edgewood high school. He has his permit and is an organ donor. He thinks kids should be able to be organ donors even if they are not old enough to have their license. “There should be an option for children to be organ donors with permission of the guardian”, he said. 

One donor could be saving 8 lives and enhancing 75 more just by becoming an organ donor. Though it’s highly encouraged and a big step, if you choose to become an organ donor, you can always change your mind later.