Cougar Fashion Connection #2- Prom Dresses.

Ashlee Sizemore, Reporter

Prom season is approaching and you’re not sure what dress to wear, but don’t worry I’ve compiled a list of prom dresses that will be on-trend for 2022. With prom dresses arriving daily at popular prom and pageant stores, the most popular are designed by Sherri Hill, Jovani, Portia & Scarlett, Jonathan Kayne, Rachel Allan, and Primavera.

Girl in blue dress
Jillian Johnson in a blue sequin dress. Photo by Jillian Johnson. (Ashlee Sizemore)

Prom consultant at Henri’s Cloud 9, located in Columbus, Ohio expresses Sherri Hill, Jovani, and Portia & Scarlett as serving the hottest dress trends of 2022. Prom 2022 will take a modern spin on 80’s trends putting many girls in one-shoulder dresses, ruffles, sequins, feathers, and of course, all the neon. Ready to learn more? Here’s the exclusive on what you need to know about the top styles. 

Classy and chic, the one-shoulder prom dress can be named a timeless classic, yet it serves the asymmetrical trend for 2022. One-shoulder dresses flatter many body types and draw attention to the shoulders and waist. They are perfect for the girls who want to stand out and go bold. 

The trend of ruffles is only growing when it comes to the world of prom dresses. Elegant and feminine, ruffles are being used on sleeves and skirts to add a fun and flirty, yet daring look to any girl for prom. It gives a ball-gown vibe without being “too much”!

Girl in dress
Ashlee Sizemore in a purple feather dress. Photo by Ashlee Sizemore. (Ashlee Sizemore )

Are you looking for a way to sparkle while keeping your look simple? Look no further as sequins prove to be a perfect addition to any dress. They can make your whole dress or spice it up designs. 

Possibly the most unique of them all is feathers! Feathers can be used as an accent to your overall look, or as a show-stopping statement piece. It’s unique and glamorous, with the ability to set you apart from the rest. 

Neon, neon, and more neon! The possibilities are endless with this trend. So many colors to choose from and ways to add to the look! Add some fun jewelry and bold heels in black/white, and you’ve got yourself an eye-catching look.

Put yourself in any of these trending styles by using this guide and you are sure to stand out at the dance!