Excited About Euphoria!


Photo taken by Shelby Pitcher

A Snapchat filter inspired by the makeup that characters on Euphoria can be seen wearing

Trae Dickerson, Reporter

Euphoria is one of the most popular shows currently and has been all over social media in the last few years. With the recent popularity of the new season two on TikTok, many high schoolers and parents have started watching the show, and it’s causing them to question if the show is appropriate for high schoolers to watch. Additionally, many people feel like the show doesn’t portray high school accurately or realistically, and that it glamorizes drug use.

Senior Morgan Donathan said she thinks some of those concerns are valid but not fully. “I’m sure some high schools have drug issues as bad as the school in the show, but I would not say that about every school.” Some worry about younger kids ignoring the show’s “mature” rating and watching the show. Many seniors agree that younger kids shouldn’t watch it but that juniors and up are old enough to. “I don’t think anyone under 16 should watch it because of the sensitive content,” said Morgan. The content in Euphoria talks about important issues such as mental health and drug abuse. Senior Shelby Pitcher thinks it’s positive that the show talks about these issues. “They show the effects it can have on people. Euphoria shows very raw things, such as anxiety, drug abuse, sex, mental health issues, depression, etc.” Shelby thinks these things are very important for teen audiences to learn about because without learning there will be no improvement. Like Morgan, most teens have voiced good things about the show. “It’s really good but can be kinda triggering because of the sensitive topics it shows,” said Morgan. Based on the opinions of the show’s viewers, Euphoria is not afraid to talk about issues that might be seen as controversial or inappropriate. It shines a light on issues that people face every day, but the content can be too sensitive for people who have experienced those issues or are too young.