Stay In Class but Wear a Mask


Skylar Allen, Lydia Robinson, Rylie Tice during their mask quarantine (Photo taken by Skylar Gross)

Kylie Sullivan, Reporter

Since the start of COVID Edgewood Schools has quarantined multiple students but it was time for a new COVID reaction, something that wouldn’t affect how the students learn or the amount of kids in classrooms. This is why Edgewood has been continuing the mask quarantine, this happens when you come in contact with someone who has COVID and instead of being quarantined at home you have to wear a face mask for 10 days.

 Some people also don’t know that with the mask quarantine you do have to eat lunch in a room by yourself. Freshman student, Riley Tice, has a few opinions on the mask quarantine as she has experienced it. She says “I think the mask quarantine is so much better than the old quarantine they were doing because it doesn’t stop me from seeing my friends and I can still learn normally rather than doing online.” Riley does have different opinions on the lunch situation. She says, “I know that it’s for the best that we stay away from other students when we don’t have our masks on because we’ve been exposed but I feel like lunch is my only chance I can actually hang out and talk with my friends.” Riley’s opinion is that she would much rather have the new mask quarantine than the old quarantine that the school was doing, but other people’s opinions may differ.

Sophomore student, Skyla Alley, shares a different opinion. She says “I don’t think the mask quarantine helps because most students who have it usually don’t even wear their masks properly” Skyla goes on to add that more students are at risk of getting COVID because of the mask quarantine. She says “If the people who have been mask quarantined have COVID and are unaware as they continue to just keep the mask down and not follow the rules of mask quarantining then it could increase the amount of cases in the future.” Although opinions may differ on the mask quarantine, it’s what the school feels is best for now.