Spidermania Into our spiderverse


Niyah: What’s up guys! It’s your favorite editors! Niyah the News editor,

Taylor: Taylor, the features editor,

Jaylee: Jaylee, The Student Life Editor. 

Niyah: And we have a podcast for you guys! So today we’re gonna talk about who is the best Spiderman. Now, it’s between three of them, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, and Toby Mcguire. Fortunately, we all think that Tom Holland is the best and we are gonna give you guys some reasons why.

Niyah: So now we’re gonna talk about why Tom Holland is the best Spiderman. Not the best Peter Parker necessarily but the superhero himself. Taylor, wanna start us off?

Taylor: Yeah i think that Tom doesn’t make Spiderman look[cool]…. Well Andrew Garfield, when he plays Spiderman, he makes him seem very cool. Not arrogant but like i’m better than you and I think that Tom is more of the nerdiness when he’s playing spiderman. 

Niyah: I definitely agree. If you watch Avengers Ultron, when spiderman is first introduced into the marvel universe, the Avengers universe, you see the whole interaction between spiderman and tony stark and the nerdiness and what not. That is a big part of spiderman himself. Even when he’s in the suit. You don’t see any of that in any of the other spiderman movies.

Jaylee: I think that he[Tom] really upkeeps with the Spiderman legacy. He’s strong but he doesn’t make it about himself.

Niyah: I think that Tom Holland fits the whole spiderman persona as the superhero. He’s out and about doing little task like stopping a robbery.

Taylor: He doesn’t make it seem like Spiderman is just a super cool alter ego

Niyah: Right. As for why Tom Holland is the best peter parker, that one is what really gives him the award.

Jaylee: I just think he makes it like he has his two separate lives but he’s a normal teenager at the same time as being Spiderman. I think his relationship with the characters inside and outside the movie really impacts his performance in the movie. 

Niyah: For sure. Tom Holland playing Peter Parker, he basically is Peter Parker in real life so it’s like he’s not even acting. He’s just being his quirky self so it just works out really well and i don’t know if you guys seen this but I was actually doing some research and apparently, Stan Lee said that Tom Holland is what he pictures spiderman to be. everything about Tom Holland is spiderman to Stan Lee and I mean Stan Lee is the one who created Spiderman so if he says that then that’s how it goes and Tom Holland when he plays Peter Parker, you can really see how he interacts with the characters. Kinda what Jaylee said, like with his aunt– you don’t get much of that from the other movies. You don’t get his character interaction besides with Gwen and the other versions of MJ. In the movie with Andrew Garfield, he portrays Spiderman as this chill? You know what I mean, like a skater boy.

Taylor: Yeah he makes him seem  chill and laid back and you’re like uhh….

Niyah: That’s not what he’s supposed to be.

Taylor: I think Tom, kinda like what Stan Lee said, he’s just closer in age to Peter which really helps because like toby was like 31 or something. Both him and Andrew were in their 30’s when they were playing Peter and Tom was like 19.

Niyah: yeah he was 19. 

Jaylee: And i think the main audience is kids and teenagers so i feel like him being closer in age and  you can really tell that the relationships in highschool and it really reaches the target audience. 

Niyah: I think it also can help, like, when you watch the movies with Andrew garfield and Toby Mcguire, you can obviously tell that they’re not a teenager.

Taylor: Oh yeah, no. they don’t have that mindset as a teenager.

Niyah: Yeah! You see Tom Holland there and as Taylor said, he was 19 when he started joining Marvel as Spiderman so I think that can definitely help connect the teenage group, especially the younger teenage audience, seeing someone who is younger, portray a younger person. I think that helps a lot because in the whole Marvel universe with the Avengers or whatnot are older so, there’s not much connection when it comes to age personality-wise in the Marvel universe.

Jaylee: Yeah and i just think that his relationship with Mj in the movies and his relationship with Zendaya like outside of the movies i think everyone loves them so i think that was a really big draw to the audience and they want to see that. 

Niyah: And I know that Andrew Garfield was with actress Emma Stone i think? Yeah she was in a relationship with him. 

Taylor: were they?

Niyah: Yes! And then they broke up and apparently they gave Tom Holland and Zendaya advice not to date each other. 

Taylor: Oh wow! Andrew and the academy award actress dated for 4 years. They broke up in 2015 and continued to remain friends. Emma stone played Gwen, she looks familiar. 

Niyah: Those are the kind of things that people love. They’re all for that. 

Taylor: Well yeah, that chemistry shows ont he screen and it feels realistic. 

Niyah: It for sure does.

Jaylee: The acting and the actor, the person outside the movie, the way he does the paparazzi, i’ve seen so many videos and interviews and Andrew Garfield and Toby aren’t like a tv present, they don’t want to be around paparazzi or they don’t even have a good attitude towards them but tom is like always willing to talk or wave or smile and i feel like thats what makes him loved. 

Taylor: At least Tom will wave or smile, i understand not liking paparazzi

Niyah: Because it’s paparazzi

Taylor: It’s paparazzi but you can interact with news outlets and red carpet and things.

Jaylee: And not get mad at the paparazzi because it doesn’t look good for you on screen and i think he really connects with his audience.

Niyah: I agree with that. I was on Tik Tok not too long ago and I seen one that was like ‘how each spiderman reacts with paparazzi and Toby Mcquire gave like the scariest glare, Andrew Garfield flipped him off and tom holland was like “hi guys!”

Taylor: I think toby and andrew were in a car together and the paparazzi were crowding the car which they shouldnt of done and they started cussing at the paparazzi. 

Niyah: I mean I can understand that. Toby Mcquire was in The Great Gatsby was a big hit so he’s older and he used to have the paparazzi following him around and Andrew Garfield is too. it helps that tom holland is a fresh face in Hollywood so he’s so interactive with everybody and it’s really helpful to with the younger audience because he’s someone they look up to.

Taylor: So i’ve seen most of the Marvel movies and i’ve seen Tom Holland’s movies, i have not watched the Andrew Garfield or Toby except the couple clips i did find while doing research. 

Jaylee: Yeah and i have never seen the comics, i honestly know nothing about them but Niyah has a pretty good understanding of them. 

Niyah: Yeah, I am a big marvel fanatic. I have seen all of the non-Marvel spiderman movies, all of the actual Spiderman movies and I’ve seen all the tv shows and read all the comics. So, as for the accuracy, as we said earlier Stan Lee said that when he was writing spiderman, tom holland is what comes to mind. There’s the little things between it being him and his aunt versus the other movies it’s him and his uncle

Taylor: I think that’s Toby’s movie

Niyah: Yeah, and I think Andrew Garfield was him and his grandma. I’m pretty sure it was. It’s been a while since I seen those movies but I’m like 100 percent sure it was. So that being said, there are just those little things. Everyone’s a little different between the universe but personality-wise Tom Holland’s Spiderman is a lot more like what Spiderman was written to be. Very nerdy, very clumsy, and boyish. Very boyish. And there’s like also I was thinking back to this, I was comparing to what was in the Spiderman movies vs. the Marvel Spiderman movies. The marvel Spiderman movies focus more on Spiderman personality rather than Spiderman fighting villains. There’s like 80 villains in the Spiderman movies. There’s a lot so you don’t get much of Spiderman as a person outside of who they are as just Spiderman.

Jaylee: The producing, like how we were talking about the other ones produced by Marvel, Marvel is such a big name and you know who you’re watching and I think that’s another thing that draws the audience in because when you put Marvel on something it’s gonna be watched a lot. I think the new movie, Spiderman with Tom Holland, is getting a lot of attention for a good reason but i think a lot of it could be from the sake that Marvel is the one producing it. 

Niyah: Yeah and that brings back to the idea that if you ask a lot of people who the best Spiderman is, you’ll notice it’s generational. If you’re asking a millennial or whatnot who the best spiderman is, they’re probably gonna say “Andrew Garfield”. But, if you ask someone close to our age they’re gonna be like “Tom Holland”. It could be a generational thing just because those movies were out first. It was like a set in stone what Spiderman is. That was the first “this is how he’s supposed to act”. So, as time goes on fans definitely grow and it’s more of the younger generation than it is the older generation like it was and I think that because marvel did produce Spiderman, it shows what spiderman is supposed to be. Taylor: well it’s what we grew up with as well. The other generation grew up with that specific person

Jaylee: I think that while Andrew and Toby set the stage for it, i guess they set the example but I think Tom Holland really overcame that example and exceeded everyone’s expectation.

Taylor: he’s really expanded on who peter parker is, not so much spiderman. 

Niyah: And i guess that can go onto if it’s the actor or is it the acting? So, do we think that Tom Holland is the best Spiderman because he’s Tom Holland?  Because he’s the adorable cute, Tom Holland. 

Taylor: I dont think it’s that, I think it’s because he’s closer in age and shows the nerdiness and awkwardness where as Andrew and Toby are way to old, they’re kind their 30s and they just don’t act like a high school student but i think for the other two it could be the actor. 

Jaylee: I think it’s both, I think the acting was so different than Toby and Andrew but it there’s also some similarities but i think his presents outside the movie brings in the audience so I feel like it’s both because you can see both sides of him, not just the actor. 

Niyah: I’m gonna be honest with you guys, if you were to ask me before doing this on why Tom Holland is the best Spiderman I would’ve been like “because it’s Tom Holland, he’s hot” I just like Tom Holland.

Taylor: I mean he is!

Niyah: I’m just in love with Tom Holland, that was my original thought but I genuinely think that Tom Holland just fulfills the Spiderman legacy!