Bengals Road to The Super Bowl


Photo by Ryan Wirtley of Luke Jackson in Bengal gear

Ryan Wirtley, Reporter

The Cincinnati Bengals have completed their playoff run with a trip to the Super Bowl. With playoff wins against the Raiders, Titans, and the Chiefs, the Bengal’s final opponent will be the Los Angeles Rams. The Bengals finished the regular season 10-7 and became AFC North champions. 

Lifelong Bengal fan, Mr.Farris, hopes that the Bengals will win the Super Bowl after having a good season. He attended the wild card game against the Raiders and witnessed the first playoff win for the Bengals in 31 years. “It was a feeling like I had never felt before when they won and it was really cool to celebrate with all the fans after the game,” said Mr. Farris. The Bengals have made the playoffs 8 times since 2000 and this is the first year they have advanced past the first round. “ I was at the playoff game in 2006 and remember sitting in the end zone watching Carson Palmer throw a touchdown pass to Chris Henry and the stadium was celebrating, but as we looked down at the field Carson was injured and the stadium went quiet and lost a little bit of hope for a win,” said Mr.Farris.  Mr.Farris has always supported the Bengals through their ups and downs over the years and he hopes they continue their recent success in the future seasons. The Bengals will look to ride the momentum from the playoffs as they look for their first Super Bowl win in franchise history.

Photo by Mr. Farris of himself at the Bengals playoff game

Bengals fanatic, Luke Jackson, has been a fan his whole life. He has multiple Bengals jerseys of his favorite players and plans to wear his Jamar Chase jersey for the Super Bowl. “Jamar has been a good player for us and has made big plays down the stretch of the season for us to be in this spot,” said Jackson. With a win over the Chiefs, this is the Bengals first Super Bowl appearance since 1989. “ Knowing that the Bengals are playing in the Super Bowl is crazy to think about because we haven’t been very good the past few years,” said Jackson.  Luke plans on watching the Super Bowl with his family in hopes that the Bengals will win. “ Being a Bengals fan has been rough but with this recent success there is hope for the future and possibly a Super Bowl win,” said Jackson.