Lights and Festivals for the Season

Madalyn Pennington, Reporter

     During Christmas time, people love to be festive. Festivals and lights are a good thing for teenagers and families to do during the holiday season. There are multiple Christmas festivals and lights in the Cincinnati -Dayton area.

      One Christmas light show is Light Up Middletown at Smith Park, Light Up Middletown has free admission and you just drive through the light show. Light Up Middletown is open from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday- Sunday every week. Sara Schwartz, a freshman, went to  Light Up Middletown last year and this year. Light Up Middletown reminds Sara of “a Hallmark love story and Santa Clause 3 all the lights and stuff they have in the movie” she said. Another positive is “ don’t have to get out of your car because it is cold. Yeah, just hang out with your friends and look at the lights” Sara said. The Middletown Whopla is a new Christmas festival that opened this year. Middletown Whopla has an ice skating rink which is $10 dollars and free pictures with Santa Claus. Middletown Whopla is open from 12 pm to 10 pm on December 20 thru the 23rd, and November 26 through December 18 it is open from 5pm to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, it is located in Downtown Middletown. 

     Coney Island is also a place where festive seekers can see Christmas lights. Coney Island is located in Cincinnati Ohio. Coney Island is open from dusk to 10 pm. There are many different ticket options that customers can choose from on their website, the customers can get a $7 dollar ticket for Monday – Thursday nights, and they can also pay by carload which is $30 dollars, and pay for group tickets, and the prices vary based on your age. Savannah Ryan, a senior, went to Coney Island night of lights this year, “ It is a good place. It has a bunch of lights and spend time with your friends,” Savannah said

     Winter Fest is a local Christmas festival. Winter Fest is located at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. Winter Fest is open from 4 pm to 10 pm but only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are many different ticket options you can get but the basic ticket is a $30 dollar ticket but according to the King’s Island website if you get your tickets online they are cheaper. Jovana Lambe, a sophomore, has been to Winter Fest this year, “ It didn’t specifically remind me of anything but it definitely put me more in the Christmas spirit” she said. They have ice skating in the front of the park (on weekends it could get packed easily), indoor roller coasters, games, and carnival rides. Also, had many lights everywhere to look at while doing other things in the park” she said. 

Santa’s workshop at Light Up Middletown. (Madalyn Pennington)
Light Up Middletown (Madalyn Pennington)
Massive snowflake at Middletown Whopla (Grace Vander Ryt)
Madalyn Pennington
Light Up Middletown is in Smith Park. (Madalyn Pennington)
Snow igloo at Middletown Whopla (Grace Vander Ryt)
A Wizard of Oz display at Light Up Middletown (Madalyn Pennington)