Seniors in Their “Hay Day”


Keely Dinn

Senior Shelby Buck is a long-time Hay Day player.

Keely Dinn, Reporter

A mobile app seems to be sweeping through the senior class here at Edgewood. Hay Day is a mobile app that is used to farm, trade, and collect coins to level up. Most of the senior class is playing this mobile app in their free time. 

Shelby Buck is a senior who falls in this category, playing Hay Day is the highlight of her day. The is the first app she uses once she wakes up in the morning besides going on the most popular app Tik Tok. This game was around when the senior class was younger. When Shelby was in the 5th grade, her farming days became true. “I saw my brother playing it one day and it just clicked in my mind that I wanted to play.” This game has a “neighborhood” said Shelby, where you have so many people helping you get all of your tasks done. With more and more students playing it can get something for everyone to do. “Sometimes it frustrates me but I do want our class to play so we can have something to bond over,” she said. On this mobile app, you can complete tasks but with the tasks, it gets you points so you can level up. Shelby said she’s on “ level 53 and counting”. In her free time, she does this game a lot, “ during class, after school, before work and always before bed.” Anyone can play this mobile app , if you can farm and be able to get the flow of it or just understand that it’s not hard at all. 

David Sprading is another senior that plays this mobile app. He hasn’t been playing this game as long as Shelby has playing but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. David said, “ I’ve only had this game for 3 years but I didn’t understand it at first then i saw a lot more people get so then it got me to understand it more.” There’s a lot more than you think that goes on with this app. “ You can fish, mine and smelt ore, and lastly you can feed and take care of animals.” When it comes to getting close with people David became a lot closer with certain people who he’s never talked to before because of this app. Anyone can play this game, “ Younger kids probably wouldn’t get it , there’s a lot to this game so 10-12 [year olds] are more likely to understand it”, said David. He also plays the mobile app in his free time so he can keep his farm up to date and keep leveling up. “In class , before basketball and after, right before bed and sometimes before school and you can’t forget during class. If he wanted to get more people for this school to play this free mobile app it would be “just the senior class”. Hay Day can be played by anyone, even the older people can hop on the farming trend.