Fall Fashion Trends


Bri Spradling

Picture of Taylor Chow showing off her favorite fashion trends.

Bri Spradling, Reporter

Fall fashion has changed over the years from faux fur coats to cropped sweater vests. This year some people have been adventuring with their style more than ever before. Because less people left their houses last year, fall fashion has changed a lot and more people are enjoying dressing up to go out.  Freshman, Taylor Chow says “ Having a cute outfit to complement the fall season makes it even better!”. This year the fall trends are not only unique but are also very cool. Taylor says, “Fall fashion is way better in today’s time just because we have gained way more experience and new ideas in the fashion community, nowadays fall fashion is just way more interesting”. 

Taylor thinks fall fashion has changed a lot over the years, “Fall fashion now compared to back then is super stylish”.  One fall trend that has seemed to have stuck around over the years is either the sweater and jeans or the flannel and boots, it kind of seems like it’s a classic. She also says she typically goes for  “The classic boots, sweater, scarf, hat, and ripped jeans”.  

 Fall fashion used to just be flannels, sweaters, and boots now it’s more adventurous styles like blazers and knitted sweater vests. “The fact that fall fashion and fashion in general  has become so much more than that is awesome. I love how some people aren’t afraid to try new styles for the fall to see if they’re good or not. I feel like fashion in general is something that everyone can try even if it’s outside of your comfort zone!” Taylor says. Even though fall fashion has changed over the years, there are not that many bad changes!