EHS Book Club is in Full Swing


Graphic courtesy of Miss Fryman.

Caster Campbell, Reporter

The EHS book club has returned for the 2021-2022 school year. The book club is led by Miss Fryman, and all students are welcome to join. Meetings will be held “Typically once a month from September to May”. says Miss Fryman. The first meeting of the year was later than expected but the club is in full swing now. Our very first meeting this year had to be canceled due to the hybrid schedule in September, but we had our first meeting of the year in October.” 

Meeting times for this year’s book club have been set,“ We always meet in the HS Library Media Center after school, typically on the first Friday of the month from 2:50 – 3:50.” Meeting times and dates may be subject to change, but everyone taking part will be notified beforehand about the change/cancellation. 

Here is the meeting schedule for the rest of the year:

Friday, December 10

Friday, January 7

Friday, February 4

Friday, March 4

Friday, April 1 

Friday, May 6

“In the book club, members will usually have discussions about the books that they are reading. We usually talk about our favorite and least favorite parts about the book we read for the meeting, and we ask any questions or share thoughts we had while reading.  We usually talk about any other books we’ve read and want to share.” At the end of the meeting Miss Fryman will give a brief book talk about the next book the club will be reading. Miss Fryman and the members of the club will also do their best to keep the meetings spoiler free for those who have not finished the book. 

When the club is selecting the book to read, they make sure everyone has a say in what they read. “ I (Miss Fryman) pick some books and have the club members vote on some of the books”. Making sure there is a good selection of books and enough books for everyone is a priority.  “When I’m picking out books, I look for books across a wide range of topics and genres that are representative of our community, and I try to find books where we can access several copies for our readers!  I also take suggestions from any members into consideration!” The books selected to read in the club are chosen so that most, if not all members will enjoy them. Something new they are trying this year is free reading called free choice month. An example of the free choice months is “Next month we will all be reading any (age appropriate) graphic novel of our choice for the December meeting, then we will share about all the different graphic novels we read”. 

The book club is bringing joy to the members and the librarian. “Obviously, being a librarian, I love talking about books, so I love it all.  I like having a group that shares the love of reading!  I like that we recommend books to each other.  I like that we can discuss books we’ve read together in depth and often see a new way to consider something!” says Miss Fryman, she is very excited for the book club this year and would love for more students to join.

Miss Fryman would like to remind the students of EHS that Book club is open to everyone! “Even if you haven’t read the book, if you are interested in coming to book club, you should come to book club! Just make sure you have a ride home at 3:50.”

You can contact Miss Fryman for any questions you have about the book club.