State Street Coffee Review


Jillian Johnson

Picture of the cozy environment at State Street Coffee

Jillian Johnson, Reporter

State Street Coffee is a local, family owned coffee shop that students frequently visit before or after school. Bekah Klinedinst and Kamrin Gulley both go to State Street very often and have tried many different items on the menu. Bekah’s favorite drinks are the mocha frappe, iced vanilla latte, and cold brew. “Out of all these drinks the mocha frappe is what I usually order,” she says, “I love how it’s super chocolatey but not overpowering or super sweet.” The mocha frappe is $4.25 and State Street Coffee’s website states that the drink includes Espresso, any type of milk you would like, chocolate sauce that is blended and topped with whipped cream. The whipped cream is Bekah’s favorite part of this drink. State Street doesn’t only have coffee to drink, they have options for everyone. Kamrin isn’t a big fan of coffee so she usually orders the strawberry banana smoothie. According to the State Street Coffee website the smoothie is made of “Frozen strawberries/bananas & your choice of milk.” This drink is $4.50. Kamrin says, “I absolutely love this drink but I’m not gonna lie, I ordered it because of the color, it’s so pretty!” The only thing she dislikes about the smoothie is sometimes it’s not blended all the way, but that can be expected with a smoothie. Both girls rated the drinks they talked about a 9/10.

Both girls have also tried many pastries from State Street Coffee. “My favorite thing to eat with my smoothie is a chocolate frosted donut. it’s so good, like actually,” Kamrin says. The donut costs $1.50, it is a donut topped with chocolate frosting. “I have no complaints about it, its honestly the perfect donut!” She says. Bekah has also tried many pastries but the apple fritter is her favorite, “I really like the apple fritters, they’re sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet.”  Apple fritters are donuts filled with apples and cinnamon, they costs $3.00. “My favorite part of the apple fritter is the cinnamon, It’s so good” She says.