Roundabout traffic

The construction for the new roundabout at the intersection of Hamilton Trenton Road and Wayne Madison has been affecting drive times for nearly all students and staff, and it’s been going on since Monday, August 23rd.

Students have mixed opinions about the construction. Mackenzie Etter states, “I think [roundabouts] are effective in some situations, but not others.” Another student, Wyatt Anderson, says, “I think [roundabouts] work well in most cases. I think it’s a nice way to solve some problems, especially dangerous intersections.”

Students aren’t the only ones upset by the construction. Mrs. Centers, school counselor, says, “The construction has impacted my driving time to work and home from work dramatically. I have to leave my house earlier to avoid traffic on Busenbark and I take a different route home going down Wehr Road.” 

Some teachers think that the construction isn’t the only problem for drivers. Mr. Pletz explains that “last year, before the construction, I feel like there has always been a traffic issue on Busenbark and 73 before and after school. The middle school traffic on Busenbark was always bad.” Mr. Pletz also says that he “understands the frustration with the roundabout” and will be glad when the construction is over. 

The construction is nearing completion and will likely be completed in the next few days, allowing traffic, and a part of everyone’s lives, to return to normal.

Cars driving on round-a-bout
Pete Glancy