Drum Majors: Marching Band’s Student Leaders


Taylor Powers

Grayce Cochran and Kayde Simpson during a performance at a football game

Staff, Reporter

The Edgewood Marching Band qualified for the OMEA State Finals, taking place November 7th,  at their most recent competition. The marching band is run by Mr. Arnold, and the band consists of multiple different instruments and two student drum majors. The drum majors act as student leaders for the band and often conduct sections of the band during performances.

When choosing students for drum majors, Mr. Arnold picks people who he feels are mature enough to handle leadership. He also picks students who can be good role models to the band. This season, the drum majors are Grayce Cochran and Kayde Simpson. Kayde is a senior, and this is her first year being a drum major. As a drum major, Kayde helps enforce rules and keep people in line. She is also someone that fellow students can go to if they have questions. She enjoys being a drum major but notes how difficult it can be. “It gets difficult sometimes because I have to be in charge of friends so it’s a little bit weird having to tell them what to do,” says Kayde. Being a drum major can be stressful at times, especially when it comes to performances. “It can definitely be overwhelming, especially on competition days or when we have away games. It’s difficult to keep everybody rained in,” Kayde comments. But she has gained some new skills while being a drum major. She has learned how to take criticism better and how to become more comfortable in leadership positions. The marching band recently qualified for the OMEA State Finals, which is this Sunday. As a drum major, Kayde feels nervous and wants to perform well because it’s her senior year. She hopes to receive a superior rating, which is the highest rating you can get, and end the season on a high note. Kayde is very proud and impressed with everyone this season.