New Cooking Teacher, Mrs. Fisher!


Renne Harrell

Mrs. Fisher helps her students with a project they’re working on in class

Staff, Reporter

Edgewood’s new cooking teacher, Mrs. Fisher, has been teaching for 12 years. She has taught some career paths and some life skill classes, but her favorite class to teach is cooking class. Mrs. Fisher has had a wonderful experience at Edgewood. “Everyone is so nice and students and staff are very positive and helpful,” she states. Mrs. Fisher enjoys getting to know students and being able to see them excited about cooking. She wanted to start teaching cooking classes because she likes to have her students doing things instead of having them listen to her lecturing. Mrs. Fisher enjoys relaxing in an atmosphere where everyone is having fun learning. “I feel that cooking classes have that vibe.” Mrs. Fisher’s favorite thing to teach in cooking class is plating, which is the process of arranging and decorating food to enhance its appearance. “I like to make the food look pretty.” She also likes to teach her students how to make things that make people walk in the room and say “it smells good in here,” like pumpkin muffins. Mrs. Fisher’s favorite part about being a cooking teacher is being able to have the students do hands-on learning, which some students seem to enjoy as well. Emmae Zeigler, a sophomore in Mrs. Fisher’s class, says “I like very hands-on things or activities and this class is definitely hands-on.” Emmae says she chose Mrs. Fisher’s class because she wanted to enjoy the experience in cooking class while also learning new skills. “I knew I would have a good time along with learning new things about baking.” What Mrs. Fisher hopes her students take away from her class is that they feel confident when in the kitchen. She also says, “I would also like them to be creative and to try new things.” Some advice Emmae would also give to the students that want to take cooking classes is to be open to learning new things and to work with other people. “Just be open to new experiences and you will have fun.”