Band and Color Guard Going to State

Drum majors holding trophies from the competition.

Mr. Arnold

Drum majors holding trophies from the competition.

The band and Color Guard qualified for state October 23rd at the Clark-Shawnee band contest. They had superior ratings,best percussion, best Colorguard, and placed 1st. They will be competing at the OMEA state finals on November 7th at 8 pm. 

Erin Bowling, a sophomore, recounts the day’s events.“Well on the bus ride there, it was different from most competitions” She continues, “We were playing a ton of music and joking around instead of sitting there quietly. We had no practice beforehand, which helped raise morale and keep people from being agitated with each other. It also helped us not to be tired before the competition. It didn’t feel like we were out of breath or we were going to forget things we had learned. While we were warming up it was surprisingly quiet, normally people were talking or playing random things.” Bowling says while they were warming up, people would drive by and honk their horns wishing good luck.

Later that day, after they finished performing, they sat, anticipating building for their results. “When they got to the A classes everyone was terrified. They announced 3rd place and we kept making jokes that we were going to be 4th. Then they announced 2nd place and we were even more nervous because we hadn’t heard our name yet. When they announced our name everyone screamed. Those two seconds before they announced our name felt like 3 years,” Bowling says.

Those moments were so important to us. I don’t think we’ll ever forget that.

— Erin Bowling

Mr. Arnold says that qualifying for state was one of the best moments of this year’s band season. “I told them that hard work pays off and to see that happen was just so awesome,” Arnold says he plans on playing all 3 movements from Pandora’s Lament. He said his game plans for the day are to have a good warm-up to keep the instruments in tune, get them focused, and have the best performance of the year. “It’s always our plan to be better than we were before.”