Home Cooked Southern Food in Trenton


Photo by Megan Brown

Southern style decor awaits visitors to The Farmhouse Diner

Megan Brown, Reporter

The menu at Farmhouse Diner offers a variety of favor (Photo by Megan Brown)

Barb Nease and her mom Max Murphy recently opened The Farmhouse Diner located on East State Street in Trenton. Nease, who lives in Trenton, said the community needed a restaurant that serves home-cooked southern food and Farmhouse Diner fills that void.  Barb enjoyed opening the restaurant because she always had the dream of owning the space as she had worked there when it was the Sunrise Cafe. The diner’s food supply comes from many different local food dispensaries such as GFS, and a Jacksonburg farm. Barb said, “ We get a lot of our vegetables from Schaefer’s farm.”  

In order to get the diner open the family spent thousands of dollars remodeling the building’s inside.  They chose to decorate it in a farmhouse theme because she said, “That suits us.”  The Farmhouse Diner has changed her life in many ways, she believes ‘’it has made me a better person and it is pretty neat that my dream of owning this place had come true when I was able to buy off the restaurant”.  A big struggle Barb faces owning the business is ”The job can get pretty stressful, especially when other workers call off because then it is up to her to be responsible for filling the job”.  Barb explained how much she enjoys owning the business and says ”It’s a lot of fun having a big family all working together”.