Teachers Adapt to New Schedules to Start the Year


Shelby Brehm

Pictured: Mrs. Hollinger on a hybrid day during Spirit Week .

Shelby Brehm, Reporter

     During the first two weeks of school, due to the furious rise in COVID-19 cases, teachers were forced to adapt to a hybrid schedule. They had to change their whole daily schedules and teaching style. “The way you teach is different due to how many kids and how long you see each kid,” said forensic and science teacher, Mrs. Hollinger. Students were only able to see each teacher once a week forcing teachers to push information for a week, into one day. One worry Mrs. Hollinger had is “kids not remembering important information learned in class because of the week they were not in my class”. It’s easy for kids to forget and making sure they do remember, is hard on teachers. Biomedical teacher, Mrs. Erb says “ Unfortunately the circumstances prevented any development of a consistent routine, which is difficult to adapt to especially so close to the beginning of the year”. She stated that teachers struggled with keeping kids in a solid routine and engaged. Even though teachers have had many hardships during COVID-19 and hybrid, they have also had some positives. “Having smaller classes for a longer period pushed me to get to know students better, on a personal level” said Mrs. Hollinger.  She says that the smaller class size makes it easier to teach and makes sure the students are understanding. “Knowing that eventually, we will be back to a somewhat normal schedule” is what keeps Hollinger motivated. Mrs. Erb also stated that because she knew that it was temporary, she stayed optimistic.