Renaissance Fun is Winding Down


Taylor Powers

The Renaissance Festival is a fun destination for EHS students

Taylor Powers, Reporter

The 32nd annual Renaissance Festival has been open for about a month, and still has a couple of weekends to go before it closes! Lots of students have already visited, some for their first time.

The Renaissance Festival is a yearly festival with food, shows, shops, and games entirely based around 16th Century England. The festival opened on September 4th and will run until October 31st. It runs from Saturday to Sunday, 10:30 am to 7 pm. Each weekend has a theme, such as the upcoming “Viking Weekend” from October 9th-10th. Dressing up is not required, but most visitors do! Megan Foster, a senior, said she was worried about being dressed up before she went to the festival for her first time. Although she saw lots of people dressed up, she “saw many people who weren’t, and they still had a fun time.” So dressing up is not needed to still have a fun experience! Kaden VonStein, a sophomore, says one of his favorite things about the festival is the shows performed by the workers. His favorite show, and a seeming fan favorite, is the “Theatre In The Ground,” more commonly known as the “Mudde Show.” The show presents literacy classics with a comedic and muddy twist. Kaden has been to the festival “over ten” times and has noticed a few changes to it. “They have added a few new attractions and the costumes are always getting crazier,” he comments. He also cautions that if you’re planning on buying anything, know that items are “not cheap.” 

Megan and Kaden both encourage people to go to the festival if they get a chance to.”I would go back if I could. I was so upset when I left,” Megan comments. To people considering going, Kaden recommends to “grab some friends or family and go.”