The 2021 Senior Homecoming Queen Candidates!

Jillian Johnson and Peyton Blevins

Lizzy Allen

Photo of Lizzy Allen, provided by Lizzy Allen.

Lizzy didn’t imagine herself being on the homecoming court.  She shared, “Not really just never really thought about being on it so, I never imagined that I would be.”  She was shocked and couldn’t believe it when people told her she was nominated. “ I wasn’t at school when they announced it so I was shocked and I didn’t believe it when people were texting me about it,” she explains.  Lizzy found the only person in the room with her to share the news. She remembers, “The first person I told was my sister because I was standing in my room and she was the only person with me.”  Now that she has been selected to court her enthusiasm for the event has grown.  “I’m excited because it’s something new and something that I never thought would happen,” she said.    One event seems to have her more excited than the others.  “The parade because I think it will be a fun experience,”  Allen said.    Her family and friends were excited for her too. “They were excited for me because they think it will be a fun experience.” Lizzy disagrees with other court members who are stressing about outfits.  “[It’s] not as stressful as everyone thinks, just tricky to find the right places for more than one.” 


Cathrine Austing

Photo of Cathrine Austing, provided by Cathrine Austing.

Cathrine was very surprised to find out she was nominated for homecoming court this year. There are a few big events that the homecoming court has to attend, but Cathrine is most excited about the parade because she gets to ride in a nice car. Although she is excited she says, “I’m nervous to ride in the parade in front of everyone and get out of the car on Friday.” When the homecoming court was announced she wasn’t at school, “I got a FaceTime call from one of my friends, I had no clue that they were going to say that I was on homecoming court!” she explained. The first person she told was her mom, her friends and family were very excited for her, her sisters were also very shocked. Picking out outfits is a very important part of being on the court, “It wasn’t that stressful trying to find outfits because I found all my dresses and jewelry in one store,” she said. 

Chelsey Brown

Photo of Chelsey Brown, provided by Chelsey Brown.

As a kid, Chelsey Brown had always hoped to be on the homecoming court, but she did not expect it.  Brown was not only the junior class princess last year, now she is on the senior court.  Although she was excited she was very shocked because she never imagined she would be on court two years in a row, Chelsey says, “I’m very thankful because after everything I’ve been through the last three years it’s nice to know my classmates still care about me.” This year the parade takes place on the two-year anniversary of her father’s passing, “I’m looking forward to the parade most, I’m happy to have something fun to look forward to that day rather than being sad all day. I just wish he were here to see me.” Chelsey told her mom first when she found out, her mom was very excited to hear the good news.

Shelby Buck

Photo of Shelby Buck, provided by Shelby Buck.

Being chosen for homecoming court is exciting for most and it is even better when surrounded by friends.  Shelby Buck explained, “I was not expecting it and it took me by surprise but I was really excited to be on it with my best friends.  I feel surprised but also deserving because it shows I have been nice to people around me.”  When the news came, Shelby had an early HOCO dance.  “When I found out I was on court I was sitting next to my good friend who also made it and we were so excited we started dancing. It’s a good thing to experience as a senior and be super involved,” she describes.  Shelby is most excited about the Friday night game.  “I’m looking forward to the Friday night game the most because a lot of parents and family will be there.  Also, I get to cheer after so it will be an exciting night with lots of people watching,” she said.  Shelby’s family and friends were excited. She and her sister went shopping as soon as they could.”They were so excited and my sister and I went shopping as soon as we could. They are happy to see me make lifelong memories.” Shelby thinks it’s pretty stressful finding outfits because she didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. Lots of schools have already had homecoming so it was hard for her to find different options. “It was pretty stressful because we didn’t get a lot of time to be prepared. Also, a lot of schools have already had homecoming so there weren’t as many options to find dresses/heels.” 

Chloe Meyer

Photo of Chloe Meyer, provided by Chloe Meyer.

Chloe didn’t see herself on the senior homecoming court. She thought that since she wasn’t on it any other year, she wouldn’t be on it this year. “Honestly not really because I was never on it every other year,” she said.  While being on homecoming court is exciting, Chloe thinks this nomination means a bit more.  She explains,  “ I am so excited to be nominated for court because it’s my senior year and adds way more excitement.”  Chloe is looking forward to the game the most because she loves the dress she got for it.  Chloe’s excitement is shared among those around her.  “My family was excited for me, my friends were even more excited though because they are on it also.”  Having friends to share the excitement with is great, but one person stood out to Chloe.   “My mom because I tell her everything, ” she explained  While the homecoming planners wanted a later calendar date for the event due to all of the extra planning, Chloe finds the date more stressful.  “ Yes, it’s so stressful, I feel like especially this year because homecoming is so much later than normal and it’s very hard to find long sleeve dresses,” she said.  

Rylee Rosenfelder

Photo of Rylee Rosenfelder, provided by Rylee Rosenfelder.

Rylee didn’t expect to be on the court, because as she says, “I didn’t think I was liked by people, and I don’t talk to people in my grade.”  Rylee is most excited about the parade mainly due to her ride. Rylee says, “I don’t ride on the cheer float, I get to ride in my Pawpaw’s Corvette. He just passed away recently.” In addition to the honor of her grandfather’s Corvette, Rylie has another family tie to the parade.   “My dad is happy because he gets to drive the Corvette,” she said.  During the announcement of the court, Rylee was happy for her friend and then stunned.  She explains, ”I was shocked they announced my friend before me and I was like ‘no way, me!’ 

Savannah Schlueter

Photo of Savannah Schlueter, provided by Savannah Schlueter.

Savannah didn’t think she would be nominated for homecoming court however she was hoping that she would. “I’m excited, I feel like it will be fun and I am excited to dress up!” Savannah says. She is most excited for the homecoming parade, “It’s something new rather than being in the parade with the volleyball team,” she states. When the homecoming court was being announced, she was a little shocked to hear her name. The first person she told the good news to was her boyfriend, he is super excited for her. Savannah’s parents are extremely proud of her. One of the most stressful things about being on the court is picking out outfits, the stress is enhanced this year because due to COVID-19  fewer dresses are being manufactured. Savannah says, “It is 100% stressful finding outfits because everything is gone.”

Bailee Vonstein

Photo of Bailee Vonstein, provided by Bailee Vonstein.

When Bailee found out she was on the homecoming court she was very surprised. She says, “I didn’t expect it at all, but when I found out I was just really happy and excited!” The first person Bailee told was her mom, “I was really excited and called my mom when I found out” she says. Being nominated for homecoming court can be an experience filled with lots of emotion, while picking outfits for the events Bailee says, “It was stressful, but I didn’t have much trouble. It was a fun experience.” Bailee is most excited about the parade, she thinks it will be a very fun and enjoyable experience. Overall, Bailee is very excited about this new experience of being on homecoming court!