The Advisor That Makes HOCO Go!


Keely Dinn

Ms. Anderson doing double duty selling HOCO tickets while participating in spirit week.

Keely Dinn, Reporter

Ms. Anderson has a lot on her plate when it comes to planning, designing, advising, and even decorating for EHS Homecoming. This year’s dance is later than normal, which is great for her.  Anderson wanted extra time and made sure to present her case,  “[I] fought to be as late as we can.” She wanted it to be later to follow the football team’s first home league game against Talawanda.  The risk of COVID-19 factored into planning.  Anderson said the planning was a result of “meeting with the superintendent and the administration, minimizing the risk of covid.” Masks are worn every day at school besides lunch hour, however, at the dance a mask is only required in one place.  Anderson says, “Bring a mask to come inside to use the bathroom.”  Other than that the dance is outside which is different from past years where it was in the gymnasium. The dance being outside where the buses park will be very different but Anderson thinks it will still be fun,  “[just] bring an extra change of shoes.”  

     In 2016, the student council had an adult advisor who was in charge of homecoming, including making the themes for spirit week, ideas for floats, the theme of the dance, and tickets.  At the time, Mrs. Anderson was an assistant to the advisor. After the lead advisor left, Anderson became in charge of the whole thing. With the help of Mrs. Kristy Clemmons and the student council every year, they get stuff done. 

The homecoming court is announced by Mrs. Anderson the week before the parade and game. The students vote but the teachers and administration do not, “No voting on students”, they have never voted for court. From past years,  Anderson has some of her favorites from floats to spirit week themes and dance themes, “ most of the floats were the best, including Wizard of Oz, and broadway.” The day of the dance is the most important and can be the most stressful morning because the decorating of the school is early morning, “Usually get done around 11:30”.  She didn’t want the student council to get there too early since they also have to get ready for the dance. The dance does get help from the middle school, “8th graders come and help with food and drinks.” The clean-up part also gets help from the 8th graders, along with the janitors. Anderson will be attending the dance, “Oh yeah I go, I run in.”