Gabe’s Football Pick-ems!

Gabe challenges EHS staff and students to pick the winners!

Gabes Football Pick-ems!

Gabe VandeRyt, Reporter

EHS has its own resident football prognosticator, Gabe VandeRyt!  Gabe will select four NFL games per week and select the winners.  He will be opposed by a guest picker each week.  

Gabe hopes to rebound this week when faces Mrs. Lykins.

Game Gabe’s Pick Guest picker:  Mrs. Lykins
Colts @ 49ers San Francisco 49ers  Indianapolis Colts 
Lions @ Rams  LA Rams  LA Rams
Chiefs @ Titans  Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 
Bears @ Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chicago Bears
Totals for the year


This week’s guest picker is the EHS Health teacher and coach, Mr. Smith.

Week 6

Game Gabe’s Pick Guest picker:  Mr. Mike Smith
Cincinnati @ Detroit  Cincinnati Bengals😀 Cincinnati Bengals 😀
Kansas City @ Washington Kansas City Chiefs 😀 Kansas City Chiefs😀
LA Rams @ NY Giants LA Rams 😀 LA Rams 😀
Miami @ Jacksonville Miami Dolphins 🤬 Jacksonville Jaguars 😀
Totals for the year      8 wins 4 losses- 67%    10 wins 2 losses- 83%


For our second week which is NFL Week number 5, Gabe has challenged Mr. Matt Root.  

Game Gabe’s Pick Guest picker:  Mr. Root
Green Bay at Cincinnati Cincinnati 🤬 Green Bay 😃
LA Rams at Seatle  Seattle 🤬 LA Rams 😃
Maimi at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay 😃 Tampa Bay😃
NY Giants at Dallas Dallas 😃 Dallas 😃
Totals for the year   5 wins 3 losses -62.5%   6 wins 2 losses- 75%




For our first week, Gabe will take on EHS’s Head Football Coach, Mr. Scott Clemmons.  

Game Gabe’s Pick Mr. Clemmons’ Pick
Las Vegas at LA Chargers Las Vegas🤬 Las Vegas🤬
Detroit at Chicago Chicago😀 Chicago😀
Jacksonville at Cincinnati Cincinnati😀 Cincinnati😀
Seattle at San Francisco Seattle😀 San Francisco🤬
Totals for the year    3 wins 1 loss     2 wins 2 losses

Gabe wins!  Head to head record- 1-0