2020-2021 NHS inductees. (Photo contributed by Jacob Schenck)
2020-2021 NHS inductees. (Photo contributed by Jacob Schenck)

Welcome New NHS Inductees!

May 3, 2021

The Edgewood National Honors Society held the new member induction ceremony on Thursday, April 29.  Although the ceremony looked a little different this year, it was still a special moment for each of the new members.

The ceremony took place later than normal because of the uncertainties around COVID-19 and new leadership among the National Honors Society advisors. It was held in the Edgewood Middle School auditorium instead of the Edgewood High School Heritage Hall to allow more friends and family to attend.

The ceremony consisted of several parts, including speeches from the four student officers, a short introduction of each inductee, and videos of the inductees explaining why they chose their respective influential educator. 

The inductees were instructed to choose a teacher who played a significant role in shaping the inductees lives. Junior Cameron Blair says she chose Ben Johnson as her influential educator because, “There are multiple teachers that have impacted [her] life but Ben Johnson has been the teacher to help [her] the most when it comes to keeping [herself] on track. He provided helpful study techniques and keeping up with the work in his class improved [her] time management skills.”

Senior Isaac Banks chose Mark Pierett “because of his ability to make students laugh and feel comfortable in his class. This allowed students to learn things and remember things easier, as the environment he creates in his classroom each day is inviting and special, and as a result influenced [him] during [his] years in high school.”

The ceremony concluded by all of the new inductees reciting the National Honors Society Pledge. 

Blair explains that she felt “relieved and accomplished” after the ceremony. Banks agrees that he felt “an increased sense of accomplishment” and says he is  “thankful [because] both [his] teachers and [his] Heavenly Father have guided [him] here to where [he is] today.” 

Blair recommends applying to the National Honors Society because she “believe[s] it will provide good experience and will also look great on future applications.”

The 2021 National Honors Society Inductees:

Rylie Abrams, 11; Austin Bowling, 11; Elijah Jones, 11; Jesse Thompson, 11; Elizabeth Allen, 11; Maura Brown, 11; Mary Liming, 11; Sarah Volle, 11; Isaac Banks, 12; Emily Cebulskie, 11; Dontierra Livingston, 11; Bailee Vonstein, 11; Bailey Batram, 11; Samantha Cornette, 11; Emily Miller, 12; Alyssa Williams, 11; Sophia Beverly, 11; Madison Dirkson, 11; Kaydence Simpson, 11; Cameron Blair, 11; Kylie Garrett, 11; Reghan Smith, 11

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