Edgewood’s Softball Team Contends for SWOC

Gracie Simpson, Reporter

The Edgewood Softball team is currently sitting with an overall record of twelve wins and six losses. Eight of those wins and two losses have been within the SWOC Conference. After not getting a season last year due to COVID-19, Coach Kevin Konz says that the team went into this season feeling “very optimistic” and like they could “make a run for the league title.” So far, the team has met Konz’s expectations. With their current record, they are just behind Ross, standing at second in SWOC. 

Junior Madison Dirksen is “proud of [her] team” and feels like they’re “getting better as the season goes on.” Dirksen currently has a .397 batting average and typically plays all around the field, but she has recently been starting as their catcher. Even though it has been a while since she has caught, she believes it’s “not going too bad.” Dirksen isn’t alone in feeling proud of herself and her team. Junior Kadence Kimberlin feels like the team is “really outstanding this year.” 

While the whole team is doing well,  Kimberlin, with a .492 BA, is currently second in SWOC for home runs, with four, and tied for third for runs batted in (RBIs), with twenty-five. Senior Jenna Smith is leading the softball team with a batting average of .500. Kimberlin isn’t the only player on the SWOC leaderboard. Senior Madison Nisius is currently on both of the pitching leaderboards — leading SWOC with eleven wins, as well as leading in strikeouts, with 102.

As the season continues, Konz hopes to see the team “give it their all in every game [they] play.” The girls will continue their season with another SWOC game on April 28 at Ross, which has the potential to put them another step closer to the title of SWOC champions.