This Year’s Prom is On!


Taylor Powers

Students MUST wear their mask throughout the duration of the entire dance.

Taylor Powers, Reporter

Edgewood High School recently announced that Prom will be held on May 8, 2021, after new rules and regulations were decided.

Prom will be held in two sessions, and students can only attend one of those sessions. Students will be asked which session they want to attend when buying their ticket. Once the second session has filled up, the first session will be the only option left for students to attend. The first session begins at 7:00 PM and ends at 9:00 PM; the second session begins at 9:30 PM and ends at 11:30 PM. 

Tickets will be sold during lunch starting Thursday, April 22, and will go until Friday, April 30. Seniors will have days when they are the only grade allowed to buy tickets (April 22-23), and the same goes for juniors (April 28-29). There will also be days for seniors to buy tickets for them and their date (April 26-27). April 30 is reserved for students who hadn’t bought their ticket on their designated day. Tickets will cost $25 and all checks should be made out to Edgewood City Schools.

Only seniors will be allowed to bring an Edgewood date from grades 9-11. Juniors cannot bring dates, and no outside guests will be allowed, including Edgewood graduates and students from other schools.

Ms. Anderson, head advisor of Student Council, says that students will be asked to sign a form when they buy their ticket, stating that they will abide by all the rules and regulations for this year’s Prom. Students will also receive a list of the rules and expectations, as well as a Health Screening Form that will need to be brought with them to Prom. “The form asks them to check their temperature and make sure they aren’t feeling any other symptoms [of COVID-19],” says Ms. Anderson.

Senior Tori Patrick thinks that Prom won’t feel much different, despite the changes. “I don’t think the changes will make a difference [in] the experience because with the two different classes attending, it’s still a lot of people around you,” says Tori. 

Some seniors are grateful to have a Prom at all this year, as senior Leane Kinney states, “I’m really happy and excited to be able to experience a Prom, and [I’m] very thankful to everyone who put in hard work to make it possible.”