It’s Nerf or Nada, Cougs!

EHS students participate in the annual spring Nerf War.


Laney Konz

After setting her up with senior Rhyenn Todd, senior Jenna Smith eliminates senior Leane Kinney with her Nerf gun.

Joseph De Souza, Reporter

The Nerf War is a battle royale between teams of EHS students, taking place every spring for the past few years. To join the war, a person must form or join a team and pay a team-fee of $40. The last team standing with the most members wins around $2,500+. 

One of the people in charge of the Nerf War is senior Parker Ratliff. He explains the appeal of the competition, saying, “Well it’s ‘cause it’s fun– it gets the school involved. It’s fun to do with all the other kids [and] everyone likes it. It’s fun to do at the end of the year.” 

Typically, students will buy Nerf guns or other Nerf products for the war. Parker Ratliff says, “It doesn’t matter [which Nerf weapons are used]. I’m pretty sure they are doing swords this year.”

Some of the basic rules of the Nerf War include: “[a] 40-dollar [fee] per team; teams can be from ten to twelve people; weapons must be of the Nerf variety; no shield; no timeouts; [players] cannot go into another person’s house or garage even when the garage [door] is open; the field around their house is fair game; school and school events are off-limits.” 

The Nerf War started on April 16, and it will play out until there is one team left, which could last until the end of the school year or early summer.