New Administrators at EES and EMS: Mrs. Harrison & Mr. Philpot

Kailey Collins, Reporter

Within the Edgewood City School district, administrators play an important role for the district. The new administrators, Curtis Philpot and Lori Harrison, have been given the role as part of the new Edgewood administration.

Mrs. Lori Harrison has been given the opportunity to become the Edgewood Elementary School principal, and she couldn’t be happier. She states, “I am excited to get to know the amazing staff and students at Edgewood Elementary School! I have heard many positives about the building that I am transitioning to, and I can’t wait to see those in action. Relationships are so crucial in this career and I hope that I can form those relationships with my new staff and students quickly.” 

Mrs. Harrison has learned many things throughout her career at Edgewood.  She has served Edgewood as Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, Principal of Seven Mile Elementary School, and as a teacher: “This is my 19th year in education. Some things I have learned over the years in education [has been] communicating and promoting high expectation levels for staff and student performance in a supportive way, [resulting] in excellence and achievement; we, as educators, must create a welcome place for children to learn; student safety must always be at the forefront of decision making; [and] parents are our number one stakeholder.” Mrs. Harrison has always “adored” teaching and is happy to teach the kids of the future.

Mr. Curtis Philpot has been given an opportunity to serve as Edgewood Middle School’s new principal. He is ecstatic when thinking about the 2021-2022 school year: “I am so excited I can hardly wait for the school year to begin! I started school at Edgewood at EMS in the 5th grade back in the day. I was not from Edgewood, but because everyone was coming together at EMS that year, everyone was new and I was quickly accepted and made to feel a part of the Edgewood family.” Mr. Philpot began his administrative career at Edgewood High School from 1994-1997 and is excited to finally work for the Edgewood school district again. 

He looks forward to many things as the EMS principal: “Getting to know the students, the teachers, and the families; working with staff, students, and families to meet the needs of students and provide positive and meaningful educational experiences as well as life lessons; working with the staff, students, and families to instill a great sense of pride and honor in attending Edgewood Middle School; and to create the most positive and educationally inclusive environment possible.”

Mrs. Harrison and Mr. Philpot shared their excitement and cannot wait for the 2021-2022 school year to be here.