A Docuseries Made for True Crime Lovers

“Crime Scene: the Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” is a smash on social media!


The “Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” poster. (Photo from Netflix)

Ashley Shannon, News Reporter

Calling all true crime lovers! Netflix released Crime Scene: the Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel on February 10. Within the first week of airing, the crime show reached the “Top 10 in the U.S.,” falling in at #2, causing a buzz on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok. 

The four episode docuseries follows the events of Elisa Lam and her stay at the Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles, California, as well as other abnormalities surrounding the hotel. In the first episode, the viewer is introduced to Elisa Lam, a college student from Canada traveling alone throughout the state of California. Lam was reported missing shortly following her check in at the Cecil Hotel and wasn’t found for nearly a month. It was revealed in later episodes that her body was accidentally found in the hotel water tank on the roof after guests complained of dirty water. 

After this revelation, media personnel, called “sleuths,” began mustering up their own theories on how Lam ended up in the water tank based on things the hotel, as well as law enforcement, released. Many believed that Lam was murdered and that another hotel guest dumped her body, while others thought she fell in herself during a depressive episode. Initially, the authorities ruled the case a homicide, but then changed the death to an accident after learning more about her mental health. 

After speaking with forensics teacher, Mrs. Hollinger, we both agree that there must have been foul play involved with the entire situation. It makes you question why someone would be alone on a rooftop, let alone maneuvering between four large water tanks. Overall, the docuseries offers an intriguing story all while leaving the viewer curious about whether or not what the authorities stated was actually true.