COVID-19 Put Senior Student Council in Debt

The Senior Carnival “will be a recreation of our field days from elementary school.”


Taylor Powers

Despite Principal Geygan clearing their debt, the senior class still has little money.

Taylor Powers, Reporter

COVID-19 has impacted what feels like almost every aspect of everyday life. This impact can certainly be seen when looking at how different this year is for the seniors. Laney Konz, President of the senior Student Council, says that the council was in debt because of the cancellation of Prom last year. “We had paid for a ton of decorations, we paid for Lake Lyndsay, and we ended up not getting prom, so we lost all that funding,” says Laney. Senior Student Council did not have any opportunities for fundraising, which hadn’t helped their financial situation. 

However, the debt that the 2021 Student Council had accumulated due to COVID-19’s effects has been paid off by Principal Geygan. 

The Student Council was in a meeting with senior advisor Mrs. Domaschko when she informed them that Mr. Geygan had paid off all their debt. The officers were caught off-guard, and they’re all very grateful. “That took a huge weight off our backs and allowed us to actually enjoy planning the final events as we wrap up our senior year,” says Laney. 

Since there isn’t debt to worry about, the Council will be focusing on planning some fundraisers and future events, like Prom and Senior Carnival. Because of low-class funds and the pandemic, there will only be bagged food and drinks, plus Flubs, at Prom. Laney says,  “This is why we are focusing on fundraising to pay for a senior carnival, which will be a recreation of our field days from elementary school.” Karlee Treadway, Treasurer for the Senior Student Council, says they will be selling a “senior package” as a fundraiser, which will include a mask and the Senior Carnival shirt. “We will get a profit from selling the shirts [and mask],” says Karlee.