Are Vape Detectors Coming to EHS?


Joseph De Souza

The school closed down the bathroom near the event entrance as it was a problem area for vaping and smoking.

Joseph De Souza, Reporter

There have been several disciplinary actions for vaping, which is why the Edgewood District has been thinking of ways to prevent it within the schools. One route they are considering is installing vape detectors. Assistant Principal Alex Ahlers stated that the vape detectors “can be utilized to identify traces of smoke or other materials that stem from vapes.”  

However, this is not likely due to the cost of the detectors. Mr. Ahlers said, “I know that the district has looked into it, as they do a lot of other things to keep our students safe, but it is an ongoing discussion because they can be expensive.” For instance, a HALO vape detector would cost about $1,000 for one.

Although these detectors are expensive, the need to detect people vaping during school is reason enough for the administration to consider installing them, but some people think that even getting the vape detector won’t stop people from vaping. Mr. Ahlers said, “I think that it’s more of a broad culture thing where you have to teach kids, like what are the effects of vaping?”

Others may think that it is not necessary for the district to get them or that they are an invasion of privacy. Senior Kevin Asher said, “Like cameras in the bathroom, they should not be allowed. And, if we do get them, people will just learn to hide [their vapes devices] better.” However, some people think that they are needed. Sophomore Garrett Beckman said, “If the school thinks that it could help people, then they should do it.” 

The school is still considering installing vape detectors, however, when or if the school will ever get them is unknown at the moment.