Vape Detector? Is that a thing?


Parker Bartram

Could this be the location of a vape detector?

Parker Bartram, Reporter

 Vape detectors are small devices mostly used in schools to detect vape activity in restrooms. These $1,000 devices are installed in restroom ceilings (commonly above stalls) and they can pick up the chemical compositions of e-cigarette vapor. When the vapor is detected, the device sends a notification to school officials.

 Sophomore Rylan Brown has heard of such devices, “Yeah, but I’m not familiar with them”.Brown said this could be a need item at EHS, “Yeah, I do. To prevent what goes on in the bathrooms.”  However, after hearing the price, he thinks “No, I don’t [think buying the detectors are worth it.” 

Principal Geygan has heard of vape detectors too He said,  “We considered it[ buying detectors for EHS].”  He continues,  “It will protect kids from vaping in school restrooms.”

It is also worth noting that vape detectors don’t record audio or video but rather detect chemicals of vapor.  According to the manufacturers they’re not meant for snitching on kids vaping, rather, for making school restrooms safer.