Senior Carnival Returns


Keely Dinn

This year’s senior shirt design

Keely Dinn, Reporter

The 2022 seniors had struggled to have a senior carnival, however it’s now planned and ready to be put in place on May 20th after graduation practice. During the day of fun and activities a couple of seniors are expecting different ideas on what will be there. 

Emilee Barker is very excited for this year’s carnival just because it is both inside and outside. The 2021 carnival was only outside due to COVID in order to avoid wearing masks and to focus on having fun with classmates. She said, “ it will be so much nicer since they only had it outside last year because it’s still being big”. Without COVID restrictions this year, the seniors are executing a variety of activities. “ I would LOVE to see some cornhole or maybe a photo booth [in addition to the] couple of games and inflatables,” said Barker. 

  There was a moment this year when the student council had to come up with ideas for the senior carnival. One of the ideas was a GoFundMe page, but this fundraiser wasn’t approved by the ECS Board of Education. Parents donated to this page and for a couple of weeks, they didn’t get their money back. Some parents donated a lot of money to the GoFundMe, then finally, Mr. Gegan called the people who had sent money and explained that those who donated would get refunded as soon as possible. 

Delaney Day is excited to graduate but she’s ready to have fun at the senior carnival. Day just wants this year’s carnival to be normal. “ With it being both inside and outside, the weather better be nice” Day said.  “I am expecting a couple of games and definitely some Chick Fil A”, she said. The Student Council informed some students that there will be good food for lunch. Day was really surprised that we are having the senior carnival. The seniors this year will enjoy the last special day they will ever have together as a class.