Popular Meals In The Cafeteria


Jillian Johnson

EHS cafeteria

Jillian Johnson, Student Life Reporter

  The cafeteria staff does a great job at making sure there is food that students can enjoy at lunch! From the main course to the taco bar and multiple different sides to choose from, students have a wide variety of options to choose from. Peyton Smith says, “Overall I enjoy our school food because even if I don’t like the main entree I can always just get something from the taco bar.” Peyton’s favorite meal from the cafeteria is the calzones with a side of pears and a white Gatorade, “I like this meal a lot because the pears are a perfect side to every meal.” he says. One downside of Peyton’s favorite meal is that the pears aren’t always offered at lunch. He says, “They need to bring back the pear cups, they haven’t had them much this year at lunch and it’s very upsetting that I can’t have my favorite side with my lunch”. Sophomore, Maddie Brown, also enjoys the school’s food, “My favorite meal is orange chicken with fries, my favorite are curly fries. I usually just drink water with it.” She says.


  According to the head cook, Mrs. Smith, the most popular meals with students are Bosco sticks, 3-way chili spaghetti, and boneless chicken wings. Preparing food for students is a lot harder than it appears, “We get here around 5 in the morning and it takes probably four hours to get everything prepped and ready for you guys.” Mrs. Smith says. This four-hour span also includes the preparation and serving of breakfast. She says, “There are between 3-4 people until 8:45, then everyone is here.” Another popular meal amongst students is the Thanksgiving meal, this year it is on November 17th. “My favorite meal to prep is our Thanksgiving meal, it is a lot of work but I really enjoy it and I think a lot of the staff does too!” she says.