Peer Mentorship Field Trip to Camp Campbell Gard

Jillian Johnson, Student life journalist

  Students in the peer mentorship program took a trip to Camp Campbell Gard on October 5th to allow select seniors and freshmen to bond and build friendships while participating in team-building activities.

    Mrs. Brown, the newest EHS school counselor, oversees this program. She says, “The goal of the field trip was to develop communication skills, experience ways to collaborate, and work together toward a common goal.” This experience allowed the mentors and mentees to not only get to know each other better but to have a fun time while also learning valuable lessons. Mentor, Elle Koontz, agrees with Mrs. Brown, and says, “It was really fun, I feel like it brought everyone closer together!” Each group played a series of games in which they had to work together. Elle was impressed by how well the communication between everyone was during the team games. Elle says, “We were able to complete activities without arguing which was surprising, it was more conversational.” Mentor, Aaron Castro, explained one of the communication games students played during the field trip. “My favorite part was playing this game called air traffic controller. My group did so good, I had to run around blindfolded and pick up balls from the floor while my group directed me.” 

   Prior to this field trip, mentors went through training on how to communicate with the mentees and make their first year of high school less daunting. After receiving proper training, the mentors met the mentees a week before the field trip. Peer Mentorship helps incoming freshmen have a better high school experience. “Senior students serve as mentors to support freshmen students navigate the academic and social challenges they face in the high school setting. Research has shown that students that have supportive peers are often more likely to experience academic success”, Mrs. Brown says. While this program has just recently been relaunched, the impact that it has already made has been astounding. “The mentors are very social, supportive, and outgoing. This helps to establish meaningful relationships between our mentors and mentees. It seems like a positive experience for those involved,” she says. Peer mentorship adds a little more positivity to Edgewood High School!