Senior Fashion Glow Up


Aniston Hunter and her Senior year style. Courtesy of Aniston Hunter

Senior year is wrapping up for the Class of 2022, and with the end comes reflection. Pondering the four years that have encompassed ways that make you, you. There are substantial changes that occur through grades nine and twelfth, such as plans, beliefs, and style. For most students, self-discovery is a common theme in high school and cultivates a new relationship with yourself. A cliche that pertains to fashion too. For Edgewood High School seniors, Aniston Hunter and Mary Liming, the past four years entailed progression in their sense of style.

Fashion is a form of self-expression, and for some, interest starts early and formally. Mary Liming expresses that her interest first ignited when she started modeling. Additionally, she spent time shopping with her cousins at the early 2000’s, popular store, “Justice”. There’s a similar parallel in style seen between Justice and 2000’s Disney shows which served as her first source of inspiration. She stated, “All of the tv shows on Disney, I loved all of the older girls’ fashion and how cool they looked”, however, her source of inspiration has changed to different forms of media outlets today. Social media platforms like Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram have given a spark for outfit ideas, as she says, “They follow the very like basic minimal colors, I dress very comfy which can somewhat align with the trends”. Jewelry has always been a go-to accessory for Mary, but her choices in clothing have changed throughout the years, especially senior year. Mary noticed the biggest change occurred when, “I stopped trying to dress for the trends and for other people and I started wearing what was comfy for myself and what I felt the most comfortable and confident in”, a common occurrence in the final year of high school, as Aniston Hunter agrees. 

Aniston has always been into dressing up, but discovered her truest sense of fashion junior year. Most of high school she gravitated towards, “whatever was trending that year”, until she learned to “dress more comfy and cute, versus tighter clothes equal cuter outfits”. Instead of sourcing inspiration from social media, she found it in friendship. Support and critique came along with it from her best friend since freshman year, Niyah Neal. It’s important to mention that fashion goes beyond clothing and accessories. A form of self-autonomy, almost anything can be used for self-expression. Aniston mentioned her tattoos saying, “I think they definitely make me, me. Cause I definitely love my tattoos and piercings.” After All, all aspects of fashion are an additive to our self-expression. 

One thing is consistent between Aniston’s and Mary’s fashion progression, being, the need to fit in with the crowd diminishes as the four years go by. Fashion is subjective, although being yourself and not dressing for anyone else remains important.