Mock Crash, Real Message


Kylie Sullivan

Picture of the mock crash scene

Kylie Sullivan, Reporter

Edgewood High School had it’s mock crash for the juniors and seniors the Friday before prom to show students just how dangerous drinking and driving could be. The mock crash is a fake car crash that is enacted as though it is real, including ambulance, police, and the aircare helicopter which made the scene realistic.” Junior, Brooklynne Gibson, attended the mock crash where she says, “The acting from the girls was really good, and it made the whole thing more realistic and scary” Brooklynne also adds what part of the mock crash really caught her attention. “I think my favorite part from the crash was the helicopter because it showed how serious the crash actually could be and how they would need immediate help for the students involved” she said.  Senior, Issabella Doyle also attended the mock crash. “The mock crash was really scary, it made me worried to see how prom would play out this year and if anything like that would happen,” Isabella said.  Issabella was impressed with the student actors in the crash. “The one in the blue dress was really getting into the role and it was almost like it was an actual crash happening where she feared losing her friends” she says. During the mock crash, an accident from previous years in which a student had passed away on the way to prom was mentioned. Talking about a real accident put the mock crash into a different perspective. “That honestly really got to me because watching the mock crash was upsetting so knowing that people actually had to go through that was really heartbreaking,” said Issabella.  Although some kids think that accidents are rare and won’t happen to them, the mock crash just shows what could really happen to anyone if kids were to drink and drive.

Picture of aircare arriving to the mock crash (Kylie Sullivan)
Picture of the first responders checking on the actors in the mock crash (Kylie Sullivan)