Juniors Win Exhilarating Powderpuff Title


kylie sullivan

Junior vs. freshman powderpuff game.

Kylie Sullivan, Reporter

Edgewood High School had its powderpuff game, and it was overall a pretty eventful game. The game started with the freshman girls playing against the junior girls. The first touchdown was made only 5 minutes in by junior player Ashlynn Williams, who also played powderpuff her freshman year. She says “Scoring the first touchdown was really exhilarating, the freshman team was good so I didn’t think we would score against them, so it was fun scoring the first touchdown since I was only the quarterback.” Ashlynn is also excited to play powderpuff during her senior year. She says “Powderpuff is a really fun experience with all the girls and a change from the sports I usually do and I would definitely do it again”. Freshman player, Addison King, got a spot on the team that she didn’t think she would end up getting. She says, “When we started the practices I didn’t think I would end up being quarterback, I honestly didn’t know what I would end up being because I really can’t catch.” She was also one of the first players on the freshman team to make a touchdown and she loved doing it. She says “Throwing the touchdowns was actually a lot of fun, but I was definitely nervous about not being able to catch the ball.” Addison had a lot of fun doing powderpuff and thought it was a good experience playing with her friends and she would do it all during high school if they continue it. Wrapping up the first quarter of the game, the juniors who had won 16-22. The next game was seniors against the sophomores. Senior player Chloe Meyer was one of the first to make a touchdown, she says “It was a lot of fun making the touchdown and I felt really good contributing to the team”. Even though the sophomores were intimidating, that didn’t stop the seniors from having fun. The seniors won that game 23-18. The juniors and seniors then played against each other where the juniors came out on top 21-13