Students Juggling School and Jobs


Kylie Sullivan

Ashlee Sizemore working at skyline.

Kylie Sullivan, Reporter

Some students have a lot on their plate juggling school, extracurricular activities and jobs. Some of these students may find it hard to manage their time while others have just enough time to balance them. 16 year old Skyline employee Ashlee Sizemore has a lot to balance between college classes and 12 to 16 hour shifts. She says, “I can juggle my high school work when I don’t have Miami classes, and I don’t get a lot of homework outside of my Miami classes, but honestly juggling the two last year was a lot harder when I had all my AP classes at Edgewood ”. She also participates in cheer and student council, but Ashlee feels like she can’t do certain things between work and school. She said, “I want to do volunteer work but because of my work schedule I can’t, because I would have to cut down my hours at work, so I would have to work my way around my schedule”. While her job is important to her, Ashlees priority is keeping her good grades, which she says “’m very big in academics so if it came down to it being too much for me, I would just put in my two weeks or quit then”. On the other hand, 14 year old Mcdonald’s employee, Laura Yeckel, finds difficulty balancing work and school. She says, “I think it’s hard juggling the two honestly, when I go home I only have one hour to do all my homework and everything to prepare for work”. Laura also plays junior varsity tennis, where she has practice most days and finds it hard to manage her time between school, work and tennis. Laura found difficulty in doing more extracurricular activities outside of school she says, “I would love to do basketball cheer, but with everything I have to do after school I don’t really have time for it, after school it’s tennis and work most time so I didn’t see a fit for it.” Although balancing the two may take a toll on the girl sometimes, they both love doing what they do.